Food I Can’t Let Go


So I know I’m a personal trainer. I know that I spend at minimum 30 hours of my week telling people to moderate, watch what they eat, make healthy substitutions, and all those other things good trainers say. But there just are some foods that people have a hard time letting go of: chips, chocolate, cookies….

My kryptonite is ice cream.

I love ice cream, and honestly, I eat it about every night. I like ice cream so much, I’ve had to start eating it out of a little tiny bowl, so I can attempt to slow down the delicious calorie fest.  And now my wonderful husband has gifted me an ice cream maker.

I have been attempting sorbet lately with some success. (I am literally following all the recipes that came with my cuisinart ice cream maker.) I will say that the lemon basil sorbet, though delicious, does taste a lot like a frozen margarita. And the raspberry sorbet tasted a lot more like raspberry snow cone (all syrup and no fruit).
So today my plan was to attempt to perfect the imperfect recipe of the raspberry sorbet. My husband made it last time for me…. today’s conversation as follows:

“So hun, if I cut the sugar down from 1.5 cups to 1 cup, do you think that will be enough to fix it?”
“1.5 cups…?”
“Yes the recipe calls for 1.5 cups. ….. How much did you put in?”
*Roger blushes*
“Hun. How much did you put in?”
“I thought it called for 3 cups of sugar….”

So….sorry Cuisinart for blaming your recipe. Your raspberry sorbet is actually delicious!

So after 2 months of eating a quart a week of homemade ice cream I have made some discoveries….. Sorbet really can be delicious (if your husband doesn’t accidentally double the sugar intake when he’s trying to “help out”), gelato is an art form that should be left to the Italians, and regular ice cream has so much heavy whipping cream in it that the fitness guru inside of me will actually draw the line.

My current favorite: Mango Frozen Yogurt (especially since Mango’s are in season)

So sorry to disappoint all those who know me as a trainer first, but I just had to write about this current adventure in ice cream. Don’t worry though… more fitness adventures to come.


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