Those shoes are CRAZY!

As a personal trainer, people feel pretty free to ask me about some of the current fitness trends, especially if I am endorsing them.

I get into this conversation at least once a week:

“Wow! Those shoes are CRAZY!”
“Yep, they’re pretty weird..” ( I still have no idea how to respond to that comment)
“Are those the Vibram 5 Finger Shoes
“Are they comfortable?”
“If you like being barefoot”
“I’ve always wanted to ask …. what do they really do?”

So, what do they do?


Vibram 5 Finger shoes do absolutely nothing except cover your foot and give you some tread so you don’t slip on anything.

The Concept:
5 Fingers allow your foot to do all the stabilizing, correcting and work for itself. Purchasing a “normal” shoe that will correct your pronation, support your arch and absorb all the shock when you run means that you are asking the shoe to do that INSTEAD of letting your body learn to do that for itself.

My Story:
I was purchasing new cross trainers and orthotic inserts every 6 months to keep plantar fasciitis, messed up ankles (and everything else a fitness instructor gets) at bay for about 8 years. In the meantime my husband  tells me about these 5 Finger Shoes that simulate being barefoot and how cool they are. I was way too fashion conscious to try something weird looking like that…….. until I realized how much money I had been spending on corrective footwear.

So, I bought a pair of 5 Finger “sprints”.

I bought grey thinking people wouldn’t notice them as much…. so wrong!

Here’s what happened:


  • no more plantar fasciitis after only 3 days of wearing them
  • weak ankle problems were gone after 1 month
  • no more rolling off the edge of my shoe every time I tried a dance move or boxer’s shuffle


  • I couldn’t run 2 miles non-stop without working my way up to it (I went to the doc the next day cause my foot hurt so bad)
  • I had to retrain my entire body how to run and jump
  • My calf grew 1/2 inch (not sure if this is a con… it depends on your chicken leg status)
  • EVERYONE wants to talk about my shoes

These shoes are not for everyone. But they are a legit and beneficial option for some.

Here are the 2 current pairs I rotate which I LOVE!

Komodo Sports

Speed- With laces, they almost look like a regular shoe!

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