What about babies?

I don’t know if it’s my age, or just that I am female and currently without children. But here’s how almost all of my “I’m going to work in Uganda” conversations go….
“Wow! So you are going to do ministry in Africa?!?”
“Yep. Roger and I are moving to Africa next year”
“For how long?”
“5 years”
“…..What about babies?”

What about babies…. 9 times out of 10, that’s the first question I get as soon as soon as people find out that I have committed to living in Uganda.

How do you respond to a question like that?

Were they thinking: It’s about time for Colleen to get pregnant….maybe that’s her big news.
Or is the prospect of having a baby outside of the good ole US of A so terrifying that people just have to know what my “baby plan” is.

In any other circumstance, I’m pretty sure it’s not a common question. If you say, “I’m moving to New York to pursue my dreams as a dancer”… The first response is not… “What about babies?”

I’ve had time to process through this question and I think I’ve worked out what they’re really asking….

“What about babies?”

“Do you really trust God enough to abandon the safety of living here and risk the lives of yourself and your future children?”

Now… That’s a question…

Believe me… I have thought about this.

I’ve had 10 years to think about this.

When I was 16 I heard God call me to be a missionary in Africa. That calling went through many phases: veterinary missions, medical missions, short term trips, long term living, running an orphanage, Africa, sub-saharan africa, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Rwanda, Uganda.

Trust me, I’ve thought about it.

I know that I am putting my safety and the safety of my family on the line. But the question always arises in my heart:

Is He worth it?


When I chose to orient my life around God, I was choosing to step into the greatest adventure of my life that has great risks but even greater rewards.

And let’s face it…. I was on the path to self destruction and God, in all His love, stepped in and rescued me from that life. If He loved me enough to save me from a life of emptiness, then He loves me enough to keep me safe in the places He sends me.

So… I don’t really worry about the babies. 🙂 Guess can be our baby for now..


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