Heart on a Platter

Imagine trying to ask some of your friends for a loan for something you really need… like a car so you can go to work and then you can pay them back.

Now imagine that you are asking 100 of your friends and acquaintances for a loan from each of them.
Feel a little awkward?

Now change that from a loan to just asking them to give you money, and let them know they will never see this money back. And while you’re at it, change from getting a car so you can go to work to getting a car so you can just talk to people for free. Cause you’ve decided that talking to people is going to be your job and you don’t want to ask the people you’re talking to for money.

Are you now in a ball in the corner, definitely not going to do it, awkward?

Yea…. that’s what the idea of support raising felt like to me.
Roger and I are moving to Africa in February. Which means that we have 3 months to get our friends to agree to support us with $5,000 a month so that we can talk to people for a living. To be honest, that’s weird. It’s weird to toss all of my parents “you earn what you get” ideals out of the window. Fortunately, it has just been weird and not as frightening as I thought.
I have had to shift what I perceive as value. Terms like “sewing into the kingdom” and “your reward is in heaven”, now HAVE to be a reality. I am asking people to take a step of faith in knowing that their money is not just going to a project but they are investing in the kingdom of God. They are investing in us, so that we can teach people who are broken, lonely, flailing, and lost how to have a personal relationship with the God.
So though this has been weird, I was getting the hang of it.

Until I was surprised by the emotional roller coaster that is support raising.

I knew that some people would choose not to support us…….I knew that was coming…….. but I wasn’t ready for it.

Turns out, our little presentation is our hearts on a platter. That 20 minute presentation about who we are, where we’re going and why is EVERYTHING I am passionate about. Rejection hits a little harder when it’s not just about the money…..it’s about us. I am putting myself out there for friends, acquaintances and strangers. We are asking people to be excited with us and love us through financial support.
This is probably why I found myself balling few weeks ago when we experienced our first rejection. I put all of myself out there and hearing “we have other priorities right now” translated to my little heart as “you’re just not a priority to us”.

Ahhhh! Why did no one mention this?!? We read the books and watched the videos on how to do raise support and none of them said, “oh… by the way, you might feel completely vulnerable and possibly be crushed at any moment”.

Gee…..thanks for letting me know.

So here we go. Putting ourselves out there and hoping people will be as super pumped about this adventure as we are. We are still in the middle of this but we have already been amazingly blessed by our friends who have decided to support us in this. And we are so excited to share this inheritance with them. This period in our lives may be a roller coaster… but I know that it’s worth it!


One thought on “Heart on a Platter

  1. Thanks Andrew for asking about how to give continuously to what we're doing in Uganda. I just posted a page with all the info on how to give and the basics of what we're doing there.

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