Welcome to Doily Town

October 18th was our 3 year wedding anniversary. As we do every year (till next year when it’s not an option) we spent the weekend in Texas Wine Country. There are a ton of wineries near the Austin area and it’s so much fun to do this so close to our home instead of having to fly out to California wine country (not that I would mind). And this year we found the biggest Jenga set of all time! The game ended at a tie, but honestly I was starting to get too short to play.

So we spent the weekend at a bed and breakfast relaxing, hanging out, and trying to not sound like an idiot about wine.
Roger has been in charge of finding the B&B that we stay at for the weekend. The last 2 years we’ve stayed at an out of the way place that is the 2nd floor over this sweet old couple’s house. Roger showed me the picture of the place before we went out there for
our first anniversary. 

So cute right?!?! And then we walked inside….. 

I’m not necessarily anti-doily, but I feel like doilies have a limit. A doily table setting…. and doily couch….. and doily curtains feel a bit like overkill for me.  

I really don’t understand what it is about Bed and Breakfasts decor….. But what inspires this little motif?

Is there some sort of doily/flower quota that is required from the bed and breakfast authenticity commission?   

Oh well…. If anyone knows why there’s a “special” decor for these lovely places, let me know!
I’ll finish this post with our first anniversary activity photos. 🙂

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