The Diet

I have been spending a lot of time meeting with people, eating at restaurants, eating hotel food, and generally doing all the things that I tell my clients not to do.

I am still sticking by that recommendation: if you can figure out how to cook at home…. Then cook at home! You will always make lower calorie foods than what they make at restaurants and you have better control over portions.

However, for those of you who are forced to go out and eat here are some of my recommendations….

At a restaurant, if you have someone to split with, share your meal with someone. Then you won’t over eat, or if you do you will have a throw down with the person you are sharing with. If you don’t have anyone to share with you can scootch half of your meal to one side and only eat one other half (take the rest home).

See….I’m saving you money too!

A note on dinner salads: I would just like to say ” salad my eye” restaurant dinner salads are a topping delivery system with some pathetic lettuce underneath. Do not be fooled by the “salad” word. It is not always lower cal.

On the road try not to stop at the shiny, glowing, beacon of light pretending to be a source of nutrition. Instead, stop at the grocery store right next to it. Most grocery stores will have deli sandwiches, ready to go veggies and dip, cold teas and water. You can even splurge on the “fun” cereal that you usually avoid as your dessert.

When people like to feed you whatever they’re eating and it doesn’t fit into your diet then ask to have the plate half filled with salad and then fill the rest of it with the “sinful” stuff. If there is no salad, then portion control like crazy!

You eat just half or less of your plate then say, “that was so rich and delicious I can’t eat another bite, even though I want too.”

So what’s the diet?!?!?! I hear you scream…. Ok…. Here it is

  1. Lots of veggies and fruits in a wide variety
  2. Low fat foods (try to actually eat low fat foods instead of foods that have had the fat removed by chemicals)
  3. Low processed foods (try not to get all your stuff out of a package)
  4. A little bit of Lean meats (about a palm size of meat a day. Try: fish, chicken, or lean pork)

Hope this helps with your weight loss/ weight maintenance/ healthier living journey.

_______ _______ _______

What are some diet tricks that have worked for you?


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