Staying Flexible

Flexibility is not usually a natural thing… if it were, no one would ever stretch and everyone would be able to touch their toes.

Flexibility requires work, practice and time.

I love planning. No, I really love planning. It’s one of my favorite pastimes.
So…. sometimes I think God thinks its funny to put me in situations where I can plan nothing and have no idea what I have to work with.

Like now… for instance…..

Some friends asked about our timeline for moving overseas. My response, “we’re flexible”. We have a plan A, a plan B, we have yet to create a plan C but we will if we need to. And I’m actually ok with that.

If you had asked then me from a few years ago, I would have told you about how the plan that I wanted wasn’t going to come through unless there was some miracle. I would be worrying, freaking out, talking about it, seeking advice from everyone and generally… having a panic attack.

God has been working on my level of trust in His plans, and His timing. He’s done this with much smaller “tests” like interviewing for a job, going for a new work goal, or figuring out relationships. He has asked me to practice my flexibility and those little “tests” have increased my confidence in Him to the point that I can now trust Him with our plans to move overseas.

I hear you my fellow planners,”Colleen, you sound like a flake when you say your plan is to be flexible“.

OK an example for the ladies…. (sorry fellas, try to throw in the word car and mechanic here and see how it goes)

Imagine that you are going shopping with the most renowned fashion stylist who is going to help you pick out a whole new look.
(I know… in my wildest dreams)

So… you are at your awesome shopping trip with your stylist and you go to the rack that has this sweater that you just cannot live without.

You turn to your stylist and she gives you the look saying, “Put that sweater down and back away from the rack”.

“Why?” you ask feeling super heartbroken because you know you would look fab in that sweater.

“Because you are currently wearing that sweater… but in blue…. and you have 4 others like it at home…… and you look tired in it”, she says.

“Oh”. *shame face* As you realize you were a little more stuck in a rut than you thought. You think “Maybe I should be a little more open to what my stylist says… she seems to have a better idea of what I need than I do”.

So… God is my “life stylist”. I trust him more with the plans for my life than myself.

Mostly because I have seen that I will undoubtably choose the boring, predictable most commonly used plan. He tends to choose some awesome adventure that will increase my trust in Him, improve my ever waivering opinion of myself and bring more joy than I could have imagined.

What is the funniest/weirdest thing God has done to change your plans?


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