Recycled Christmas

So what do you do when your Christmas decorations are on their last leg but you should not buy new ones because you are leaving the country soon?

You make Christmas out of magazines, ribbon and old t-shirts!

Paper Chains
I don’t remember liking paper chains as a kid… but I just cut strips out of old magazines (multiples at a time so I wouldn’t get a hand cramp) then taped like crazy. For some reason, I think our paper chain is adorable this year. 🙂

Magazine Trees & Mason Jar Candles 

Amy Hadley inspired these a few years ago… it takes a little while to make them, but you can fold while you’re watching TV.  Here’s the Tutorial: Magazine Trees

The mason jar candles have some old barley that I never cooked with in the bottom. Use whatever you want… I also used salt and cream of wheat. (it’s usually cheaper and easier to find than sand)

Paper “Onion” Ornaments
More fun with magazines, ribbon and some staples.

Here’s the Tutorial: Paper Onion Garland

The tutorial makes them with a grommet kit… I just used staples.

Here’s one that did Paper Heart Garland

Paper Snowflakes

Turns out I had no idea how to actually make a non-crappy paper snowflake.

1st grade didn’t teach me as well as I thought.

Here’s the Tutorial: Paper Snowflakes

We hung these in a corner of the room about 3-4 on each fishing line. It was magical.

T-Shirt Pom Door Hanging

A-mazing! This did not take as long as it looks. I used “winter” colors instead of the traditional Christmas colors and I have had everyone walking in my front door commenting on it!

Here’s the Tutorial: T-Shirt Poms

So that was our Christmas! I think that my new paper = decorations skills will come in handy when I’m living in a place without Christmas lights or trees available.


Got any suggestions for other crafty decorations I should try?


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