I Am Not Enough

So my husband and I are headed out to Uganda in the very near (few months) future.

A couple of days ago we watched a documentary called, “Uganda Rising” about the history and effects of the rebellion in northern Uganda. Though highly skewed to make you hate the Ugandan president, it was a fairly accurate picture of what happened in northern Uganda (our destination) and a good representation of why I was compelled to go to Uganda in the first place.

Before you watch it I highly recommend you use caution because it is extremely graphic. Also, please keep in mind that this was produced 6 years ago and the country has moved forward and the rebellion is no longer in Uganda.

Here is the clip…

Every time I hear this story…….I cry. We finished watching this 85 minute documentary about how the Acholi people of Uganda have been terrorized for over 20 years and I felt like the most inadequate person in the world.

Who am I to think I can go over there to help them?!?!?!

Who am I to try to go over there without PSTD training, without rehab training, without a degree in anthropology, without a doctorate in ministry…… with nothing.

I am not equipped enough.
I am not trained enough.
I am not strong enough.
I am not wise enough.
I am not old enough.
I am not enough.

So, I ask God again…. Why?

And He quietly says…. because I am enough. He is enough for them. He heals all wounds, He binds up the enemy, He has the answers, He brings joy, He brings peace.

He is enough.

I am going…. because God asked me to. He asked me to share who He is with the people of Uganda so that they can experience the freedom, the joy and the power of knowing my God. My God who loves me like a father and gives me strength and endless joy.

He knows all my inadequacies and still chose to let me be a part of His plans.

So, as we continue to prepare for our move, I know that I can rest easy and know that He knows that I am not enough….. and that’s ok.


Have you ever been called to do something so big that God had to show up?

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