The elephant: Kony 2012…

Well…. There’s no use trying to hide it. Let’s go ahead and talk about the elephant in the room.

Photo: Hubreview
If you haven’t heard about the Kony 2012 video then you must have been hiding in a non wifi access cave for the past few weeks. Normally I stay out of things that become political, controversial, etc. But I am soon moving to the one city that gets mentioned in this YouTube sensation, so I can’t avoid this one.
If you haven’t seen the video, here it is:

We’ve been getting some questions about this video, so I figured I would answer them here.
Question 1: “Did you know about Kony when you chose to move to Uganda?”
Yes. Actually, I read a book in 2007 following personal stories of people who went through the LRA that broke my heart for the people of Uganda.
Question 2: “Why are you moving there if some crazy guy is threatening everyone’s lives?”
Kony 2012 video mentions this, but briefly. The LRA is not active in Uganda and hasn’t been since 2006. He has a small group of 300-500 people in the jungles of the DRC 275 miles away (about from Austin to Nuevo Laredo, Mexico). In Gulu, it has been peaceful for quite some time and people are in the rebuilding stage of their lives.
Question 3: “Will you be working with Invisible Children or doing something like them?”
No. Invisible Children has been AMAZING at raising awareness about atrocities in Uganda and has been able to motivate the people of my generation to get involved in something other than themselves and for that I am so grateful.
However, Invisible Children is focused on rebuilding schools in Uganda. I obviously value education, but I know that no classroom can teach you more about your worth, value and purpose than Jesus can. So, we will be teaching Ugandans how they can have a real, interactive relationship with God. (which, once you get that down, a lot of social change can happen as well)
Question 4: “What do you think about the video?”
It has created a lot of controversy, but most of it’s over the Invisible Children organization and their methods, reputation, etc.. No one has said, “stealing children to turn them into soldiers is a non-issue”. Of course it’s an issue. Kony is still out there, and that sucks. The benefit of the video for us is that now when we talk to people and tell them we’re moving to Gulu, Uganda, everyone knows where we’re talking about and has some background of the issues there. Yes we have to clear some things up, but it’s better than me teeing up while trying to explain the basics of the past 25 years in Uganda.
 Hope this answers some questions you might have had. Any that I didn’t address just post in the comments and I will gladly respond. 🙂

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