You can’t take it with you…

Photo: How Stuff Works

Actually I can.

Well…… I can take about 6 suitcases with me overseas. But that’s all the allotment I get.

I am having a hard time wrapping my mind around choosing my most essential possessions to take with me overseas. I have been reading this book all about making your schedule and possessions revolve around your life’s purpose. When your life’s purpose sends you across the ocean to a developing country, what are you supposed to do?

So, step one of downsizing is to rent out our house and move myself, my 70 lb dog and over 6 foot husband into a 500 square foot apartment.
*sigh* This is not my tiny college roommate and myself. I have no idea how we will shove all of us into this space and also manage to have a dinner table or closet space.

We’re supposed to have a garage sale before we move…. So what do I want to keep?

What is important? What is essential? Should I move to Uganda with a suitcase full of deodorant? Or books? Or kitchen appliances?

Roger has started to call downsize #1 an “adventure”. And I guess I will feel more adventurous once we are packing lighter…. But as for now, I likemy staff and my home and my kitchen just as it is.

Jesus said there would be sacrifices- but I didn’t he meant sacrificing my baking stone.
What would you pack? Any garage sale tips?

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