Preventative Maintenance Marriage Series

Photo: Ugandan Auto Repair Shop… Awesome!

So, I really suck at taking care of my car. I drive so much and my car is lucky if I get an oil change every 6 months. 3,000 miles? Please! I drive that in a month.

I loath getting preventative maintenance on my car… There’s always something wrong. Always some mechanic coming out of the garage with the “what a sucker” look on his face, ready to break the bad news that in addition to the oil change I need about 5 other $1,000 fixes on my car. And then he throws in the, “if you don’t get this fixed it’s really not safe to drive”.

Awesome…. Thanks so much for being concerned with my safety..*eye roll*

My solution? Don’t get preventative maintenance.

Unfortunately, that’s a crappy policy for marriage.

We had this marriage intensive that was recommended to us by teams who have gone overseas before us.

We were hesitant to say the least.

Marriage intensive….
Doesn’t that sound a bit…. Intense?

Besides, we’re doing great.

We don’t argue (unless it’s about paint colors), or fight, or ignore each other.
Honestly, we’re the cute cuddlely couple that makes everyone else jealous and we like it that way.

So why go on a marriage intensive?

We figured we should put it off and plan to do it in a couple of years when we come back to the states.

Apparently, God was not ok with that plan.

We got a call from the guy who runs the intensive saying that he thought of us to be people who would benefit from it. *sigh* Fine… I get the message.

So we went on the intensive …… and surprisingly, we loved it!

Yes, it was “preventative maintenance” for our marriage. And though we are not the typical candidates for a marriage intensive, I came out of the retreat with a deeper understanding of who I am and who my husband is.

So the next few posts will be a few takeaways from the retreat I wanted to share.

Posts coming soon!


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