Chemical Warfare on my Face

So I’m perusing around the web, totally minding my own business, and I run across this infographic on Pinterest.
Darn you Pinterest! Now all I can do is look at the make-up/face wash/deodorant I have and then wonder how many chemicals I am sticking on my skin.

When I started to make my own shampoo, I was really just concerned with going cheap. *Sigh* But now I’m thinking a lot more about going green (or really just being nicer to my skin).
So with the terror of 515 chemicals on my skin a day I have started delving into more DIY/Natural everything.
Currently, I am just in the research phase. I will keep you posted when I decide to do something “crazy”.
Anyone have any suggestions? What are good “low chemical” make ups? How about hair gel/spray/goo? Thoughts?

3 thoughts on “Chemical Warfare on my Face

  1. I REALLY love Lush Cosmetics offerings, and they're all very natural. Unfortunately, their handmade quality makes them pretty expensive for some of the products. Great thing about them, though, is they list every ingredient outright, so if you're enterprising enough, you can boot leg (like I do for one of my most favourite products, Buffy). One product I DO love, that also happens to be reasonably priced, is their bar shampoo, which might be a great alternative for your travels. Anyway, back to face specifically, if I buy from them, I either use dark angels or the bar soap that's also black (the name escapes me at the moment, but if you're looking at their face wash bars, it's the only coal black one). Angels on bare skin, marina, and the green one (again, name escapes me, but it looks like green sand) are all excellent, too. Homemade salt & sugar scrubs are also great, and can be made with an oil of your choosing, plus a sugar or salt of your chosen grain size, and a few drops of essential oils if you like, too (I use coconut oil at every turn, if possible, when it comes to my skin…as a side note, also great for use in place of a store bought defrizzer–just rub a tiny pea sized amount in your hands, run through your hair, then focus on the ends. Works better than ANY salon product I've used). If you do end up making your own of anything, I order my butters (cocoa, mango, shea) from an eBay supplier, but salts, clays, essential oils, glycerin, and soap & lotion supplies I get from, and I've been really pleased with both places. Good luck, though! Would love to hear what you come up with.

  2. Thanks for the suggestions Elle! I loved Lush's shampoo bars when I tried them. Must try their make up. I am totally going to try the defrizzing coconut oil on my curls! At the very least it will smell good!

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