A Gymless Gym Rat

It hit me 3 days before my last day working at the Dell Fitness Center. I have been a member of a gym or working in a gym since I was 13 ( a.k.a a bonafide Gym Rat). I knew this was coming and was already weaning myself off of using most of the equipment in the gym… but I still had a freak out.

So in this new phase of my life living Uganda (a country where I have seen 1 gym about the size of an apartment gym that is a 5 hour bus ride from my new home) I am going to have to be a gym rat without all the comforts of my American gym.

Another issue is that I have been paid to workout for the past 9 years. Which has been a sweet gig!! I have either taught group exercise classes or been personal training during my career which has always given me healthy peer pressure to stay fit.

So all of this freak out has culminated into the idea that I would use my blog as a place to keep me accountable to continuing my life of fitness as I move to a country where people only run if someone is chasing them.

So… I have recorded my first ever workout video!

This is both to keep me accountable and enables me to share my workouts with you guys for anyone else who finds themselves without a gym.

5 Minute warm up (walk/jogging)

The Workout: 10 exercises- 50 seconds work/10 seconds rest
Repeat the workout 2-3 times

1. Squat Touch Downs
2. Body Slam to 1 leg push ups
3. Jump Forward/ Jump Back
4. Lateral Lunge to Balancing Zercher/Hammer Curl
5. Split Jump Lunges
6. Staggard Squat Military Press
7. Burpees
8. Rotational Reverse Lunge to High Pull/ Upright Row
9.Slalom Ski Jumps
10. Up/Down Plank Pull Throughs

5 minute Cool Down (Walking)

Hope you enjoy the workout. Let me know what you think!


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