Put Some Vinegar On It

My husband thought it was weird when I made a counter top spray with vinegar and then wanted to add it to our mop water. Then I started using cider vinegar when making my shampoo. He teased me that I thought vinegar was the solution for everything….then we moved to Uganda.
If you have seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding the dad in that movie thinks that windex is the solution for everything. Got an ache? Blemish? Whatever… Just “put some windex on it”.

I’m totally that guy…. I just “put some vinegar on it”.

One week in Uganda and here’s what I did with vinegar:
1. Produce Wash– Spray it on fruits and veg as followed by hydrogen peroxide spray to remove E.coli strains
2. Countertop Spray– 1/2 vinegar and 1/2 water in spray bottle (not a sanitizer… but it does make it clean)
3. Fabric Softener– Add to 2 tbsp to wash laundry to cut the soap residue (reduces stiffness of line dried clothes)
4. Floor cleaner– Add 1/4 cup to bucket of mop water for floors
5. Mold Killer– Pour on mold in the grout between the tiles in the bathroom
6. Sooth sunburn– spray 1/2 vinegar 1/2 water mixture on the burn
7. Stain/grease remover– Sprinkle baking soda onto stains then add vinegar and watch the stains disappear
8. Fruit fly trap– Add cider vinegar and a drop of dish soap in a small jar to trap fruit flies
9. Hair Conditioner– Use cider vinegar as the conditioning step in making shampoo
10. Facial Toner– Combine cider vinegar, water and lavender essential oil
So now my kitchen smells like vinegar, my floors smell like vinegar, my laundry smells like vinegar, my bathroom smells like vinegar, my hair smells like vinegar and my face smells like vinegar.
Whatever the problem, vinegar is the solution.
I think the obsession comes from everything feeling dirtier than in the states (or it actually is dirtier). So when I normally wouldn’t even think about cleaning something, now I am OCD about it. My alternative to vinegar is bleach, but I would much rather deal with everything smelling like salad than burning off my nose hairs.
‘Ah. Oh well.
Maybe my husband will start to think that the cider vinegar smell on my face is sexy…. maybe….
Some Resources to check out on info about using vinegar effectively:
Clean & Sanitize the Kitchen
Produce Washes (explains why bleach is not an acceptable wash)


One thought on “Put Some Vinegar On It

  1. I use it a LOT, too! Currently, I use it to wash windows. I have a half vinegar half water solution with about a 1/4c dawn dish soap in my bathroom that I spray after every shower and also use to scrub all my fixtures (they shine like brand new after that, too). I use ACV to combat buildup in my hair, but I have to use a bit of regular conditioner after, coz the smell stays really strongly in my hair if all I do is rinse profusely. I've read that the ol baking soda vinegar volcano works well for toilet bowl cleaning, too (cup of soda, cup of vinegar in the bowl. Let set for 30min or over night). I also have my fruit fly trap in effect right now, too, heh. I use a tall glass, make a half & half ACV dish soap solution about 1/2-3/4in deep, then roll a piece of paper into a cone, tape it, and put it point side down into the glass, so the opening is 1/2-1in from the solution. Flies fly in but can't figure out how to get out. Oh, and during strawberry season, I can't help but buy 4-6lbs at a time. Add a splash to your sink and submerge the berries for a minute or two. Rinse lightly, and they stay fresher for quite a bit longer, I've heard the works for other berries, too, but I'm a strawberryholic, so I can only attest to its usefulness with them.Glad you're multi-purposing over there! Baking soda is the other staple in my cleaning arsenal…I'm sure I have almost as much soda as I do vinegar (ok, prolly not close to as much, coz I own easily 10-12 different vinegars. I know. I have a problem…but they're just so tasty AND useful!) definitely gonna toss some vinegar and water together to make a counter spray now, too. Thanks for that tip!

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