My Currency is worth… What!?!?

“You will not exchange?”
“No. Uganda bank does not accept US dollars older than 2000”
“So I cannot exchange it anywhere?”
“No. No one in Uganda will accept it. But you can still use it when you go back to America. “
“But I am not going back to America… I moved here. “
“Oh. I am so sorry…maybe you can exchange with another American.”

This was an actual conversation I had today with several banks in Uganda. I now possess a $100 bill that would be more useful to hold my old chewing gum than it is as actual currency.

This is a crazy new reality I live in. I’ve dealt with exchange rates and the value of the currency pending on the market… But never had an entirely worthless piece of currency.

It made me think about what we place our faith in here on earth.

Will I be throwing my bills at the gates of heaven just to experience a repeat of this conversation? Or will I invest in the things of the kingdom of heaven while I am here on earth?

But the Practical tip for Today: When planning your visit to a foreign country. Double check that your currency is exchangeable!

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