Gymless Gym Rat: Workout 3

Alright so I obviously did the photos for this workout while I was still living at Lake Austin. I have worked out since then, but I haven’t taken any photos/video. My first posted Uganda workout will be coming soon…eventually!

For now, here’s a core workout for you…
Start with a 5 minute warm up (BTW- I have plans to make a warm up video for those who get stumped)
Do each exercise for 45 seconds each and rest for 15 seconds. Repeat for 2-3 rounds. 
Modification: If jumping is not your thing, then don’t do the jump at the top and just do a squat after you stand up. Also, you can step out instead of jumping out just step back into the push up position. The push up can be a shallow push up or a kneeling push up.
Bicycle Crunches
Be sure to keep your chin off your chest when you do this one!
Modifications: Just don’t do the upper body and only do the bicycle legs. You will get plenty of work! 

Mountain Climbers
Keep your shoulders right over your hands. And keep your booty DOWN!
Modifications: If it’s too difficult just go super slow. Or just bend the knee and don’t pick up your foot.

Lower Leg Raises
Make sure to lift your hips up off of the floor. 
Modifications: Don’t let your feet drop to the floor, just keep your legs up and do the hip lift.
WARNING: I know that it feels more hard core to keep your legs straight through this exercise, but recent research is showing that those types of straight leg exercises are damaging to your low back. So just do it my way, and be nice to your spine. 🙂

3 Jack Planks: 1 Push Up
Make sure to keep your shoulders over your wrists. 
Modifications: If the jump is to hard, walk your feet out and back in. If you’re not ready for the push up, then come down to kneeling for the push up then back up for the planks.
Side Plank Reach Through
Again… make sure your shoulders are over your wrists… if you don’t it puts a lot more pressure on your joints. 
Modification: Put your bottom knee down on the floor. 
Hope you guys enjoy it! I can definitely feel my abs the next day when I do this workout.

If you want to do more for the day I alternate this workout with the sandbag workout below. She’s got some really good sandbag exercises, so if you like those then I would encourage you to check out more of her videos.

Or if you don’t have a sandbag try using water jugs (of jerrycans if you’re in Africa). 🙂


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