DIY Swiffer wet jet

I just moved into a house with white tile floors…. And I have a dog… And it rains every other day. So I was pining for my Swiffer wet jet from home, just wanting to spot treat the muddy paw prints.

Just as I was considering asking my mother to ship me a Swiffer I realized that I was being crazy and I could make a Swiffer. It’s just a sprayer and a mop…. I have that!

I put a cleaning solution in a spay bottle and rubber-banded a shammy on the end of a squeegee mop and Viola!

Spray the spot and follow up with a wipe from a mop. Yes, it is a 2 handed process and if you have access to a Swiffer just buy it…. But this works pretty well for an African hack. 🙂

By the way here’s the recipe for my (much more green) cleaning solution:
1/2 white vinegar
1/2 water
Optional: 1-2 drops of liquid morning fresh (African equivalent of Dawn)

The good news is that I can just wash and reuse the shammy so I’m not being wasteful with all those disposable pads.

I’m so proud of my little sweeper!

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