Banksy the Cat

Our new cat, Banksy, is so strange. Aside from his bizarre need to snuggle the owner allergic to him (me), he also likes to snuggle his “brother” Guess. Let me stress that the cat is the one initiating cuddle time with our dog, and honestly, Guess usually gets up after about 2 minutes of dealing with the cat (he was an only child for too long). Banksy’s favorite way to snuggle people is putting his paws on either side of your neck and rubbing his face on your chin… It feels like he’s legitimately trying to hug you! Awkward.

Banksy also enjoys greeting people at the gate. Any normal cat would be aloof and make new friends slowly, but not Banksy, he likes to be hospitable. I think he would pour guests glasses of iced tea if he could figure out how to open the fridge.

This odd but very sweet new member of our family is also known as “The Face of Death” to all critters who enter our compound. We let him to roam at night so he can kill any mice in our compound. So far he’s killed 3 mice and I lost count of how many lizards. Unlike other cats, when Banksy kills something he doesn’t just play with it then leave it alone when it’s dead…. No, he eats their heads off. Thanks Bansky. *Gag* If they happen to be particularly tasty he will eat their entire front half. *double gag*

So mice and lizards are fairly normal for a cat, I think. But let me introduce you to the Oba. An Oba is the local name for a giant edible rat. The Acholi say that their meat is very sweet…. I have not yet had the “fortune” of trying one. They call them giant because an Oba is about the size of my cat, not including a tail. Here’s a pic….

That thing that looks like a opossum…. it’s a rat or an ROUS as I would prefer to call it. Bansky has killed 2 of them and eaten the front half of them for dinner.

He’s a killer through and through… A hugger, host, and a killer.

P.S. Yes,we named Banksy after our favorite street artist from the UK. Banksy then lived up to his name by rolling in every wet paint project I’ve had around the house. Real cute.


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