Sometimes God Does It His Own Way

In a bizarre set of circumstances (where the church pastor of our church has a personality that makes you say yes to every idea), we have joined the worship team for our church here in Uganda. Let me assure you that we were so not trained for this, nor prepared to step into this ministry, but expecting it or not worship is now our “thing” for this season.

Us and some of the worship team leading at a Youth Camp
So, we have been a part of the worship team, to teach and show how to lead worship that is about our hearts meeting with God and not just about singing songs (a fairly new concept from what I have observed in the local culture).  Recently, Roger and I had a lengthy discussion and prayer time over what we want to see out of worship, what methods can we use to get the team there, what is our action plan and goals, etc.
All that discussion…. then God broke in and did it his own way
The Thursday following our meeting our worship team experienced a blowup some conflict over song choice, changes, style, etc.. The cool part was, that that same night the upset members didn’t just get angry, but they eventually expressed their hurts. It opened up opportunities for all of us to express our fears and hurts, and then experience healing and forgiveness from one another. Roger and I secretly LOVE conflict/conflict resolution because we know it brings about change when it gets out in the open and God puts His hands to it. 
So we had our team breakthrough and I was so pumped and we asked them to start thinking about worship on Sundays and its purpose and gave them a little assignment.
All of that discussion…. then God broke in and did it his own way
The ONLY reason I can give for what happened on Sunday was the Holy Spirit. We were doing the songs we practiced and in the way we had agreed upon and then half worship team members started crying! I was one of them, but I always cry so no big deal, but the others were Acholi!
From what I have seen, Acholi DO NOT cry in public. Acholi MEN do not cry ever! But there we all were experiencing the Lord together and the congregation was experiencing Him too (some for the first time). Now the head worship leader wants to do ALL the same things that Roger and I had discussed in the first place and we didn’t have to do anything to put those ideas in his head. Amazing!
Sometimes I am just so baffled how God works. And then I remember that prayer works, and all we ever have to do is rely on God. Still though… this was AMAZING!

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