Language funnies

I promised to air my embarrassments out when I started learning language. This is belated but here y’all go!

Recently went to South Africa and found out some funny language stuff:
“Buy a Donkey” = “thank you” in Afrikans
Saw a timber company called “More Deck” = “cooking oil” in Acholi

Back home I have said some awkward stuff:
When starting to speak in Acholi, people get so excited! They will say “you know Acholi language!” Until recently corrected, I responded, “I know small Acholi language.”

I told one of the guys on the worship team in Acholi “It is time for you to wash my hands”.

During worship practice I was being silly and singing out “tuning!” while tuning our guitar. One of our guys was very uncomfortable. Later I found out I was singing “your (female part)!” …..Yikes.

Roger discovered that there is a small, but important, difference between the words “stop” and “my (male part)” in Acholi

Acholi language is tonal. I thought I was asked if I knew about peanuts. I reply yes! I was actually asked if I would help someone dig their garden. …Boo!

That’s all I’ve got for the moment. But I’m starting to have longer conversations. So I’m sure it will get more awkward. 🙂


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