I went to the market…

Ok, so I go to the market pretty regularly. But this past week I felt like I should walk to our small neighborhood market with the intention of starting conversations in the Acholi language.
So the usually confident me is shaking like a leaf walking the block to the market. I told myself that I would try to talk to the first person that greeted me.

I step into the market and start to walk around and people are (oddly) ignoring me. Finally someone asks how I am doing (in English). I greet her back in Acholi and tell her my very practiced speech ” I am trying to learn Acholi. Can I sit with you ladies and just listen to you chat?”

Yea… apparently if you’re Acholi and a white girl says all of that to you in Acholi you DO NOT just let her sit and listen to you chat. Instead you all quiz her for an hour till find the “end” of her Acholi or her head explodes.

So I went home after an hour with my head still sorting through language, and my heart encouraged. I will be going back again and maybe soon, my new acquaintances will become friends.

And at least I know what to say to buy an Avocado as big as my face!

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