But I was just PRACTICING!!!

“You talked to who?!?!”, was my initial response as my house helper, Nancy, told us who she shared scripture with this past week.
Franco and Beatrice
The previous Friday we had started a bible study, to practice our Acholi language skills, with our “house team” (through an odd series of events we have about 4 people working at our home on any given day). We had shared our praises and prayer requests, studied the word together, and then committed to share what we learned with someone before our next meeting.
Nancy took her bible to a friend in a different neighborhood. She shared an encouraging scripture with her, and then somehow the entire neighborhood heard what she was doing. So Nancy obediently shared with them as well. She left that day, with the neighborhood asking when she will come back to share more of the word with them.
I’m sorry…. What!?!
As Nancy recounted this story, I couldn’t tell if my Acholi was bad (which would not be surprising, it’s still very new to me) or if this was actually happening. Did she plant seeds of the word in a neighborhood and they asked for her to come back…to share more!? Was I staring at a church planter?
Then our gardener, Franco, told us that he talked to the 3 drunkards that hung out near his place like he said he would. Two of the guys accepted Jesus and 1 rejected. So now he was going to take them to church with him.
What?!?! Was I staring at another church planter?
Then our language tutor, Beatrice, tells us that she fetched water for the handicap lady living in her neighborhood and shared with her the scripture that we learned together. And that that woman was so encouraged and felt so cared for, that she asked her to return the next week to share more.
Seriously you guys are pulling my leg! I cannot be looking at ANOTHER church planter.
I never expected something like this. We were doing this bible study in Acholi as language practice. I didn’t plan for anything to actually happen. I can’t even lead it, because I don’t know enough Acholi yet. We wrote down the questions for Beatrice to read and we don’t understand the responses half the time. All we do, is choose the scripture for the week and attempt to respond in Acholi.
But there you have it, God works with whatever you got and His Spirit brings truth into people’s hearts through the word and listening to his voice in prayer. And he starts church movements with people who are faithful in the small things they have been asked to do.
The master said, ‘Well done, my good and faithful servant. You have been faithful in handling this small amount, so now I will give you many more responsibilities. Let’s celebrate together!’ – Matthew 25:23
If you want to lift up our team in prayer they are: Beatrice, Nancy, Franco and Godfrey. Please pray that they would continue to be obedient in each small step that God asks them to make. Pray for Roger and myself that we would continue to grow in our Acholi language so that we can understand the fullness of what God is doing here.

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