I made peanut flour and friends

As part of my language lessons, I go and chat with the ladies at the local market in my neighborhood. It’s been quite an adventure each time and this last time was no different.

One of the sellers offered to teach me how to make Binyewa (peanut flour). So I said sure and sat down. Let me stress, you cannot be the only white girl in the entire market suddenly sitting down and grinding peanuts without making a scene. Grace, the seller, showed me how to pound it, sift it, and re-pound it. Then she said she would take my picture with my camera. And the someone else took my picture with my camera. …..and then they started taking my picture with their cameras. Like I said, I’m a bit conspicuous in the market.

Oh well, here are the photos!

Pounding (oddo)
Using the giant mortar and pestle ( Pany and Lalekke pany)
The crowd begins to gather
Sifting (Kio)

In case you were wondering there was no hand washing, health code certificate or training required. Ha ha…. but I got to take some of mine home and it was still delicious! They usually cook the peanut flour like a gravy  (Binyewa) with boiled plantains… which sounds weird but it’s super tasty!


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