Foot in Mouth

For your amusement, more awkward conversations from my attempts to speak in Acholi.

Photo above: Me with my two lovely friends and language tutors, Beatrice (left) and Nancy (right)

A little convo at the market:
Me: “This is my husband”
Seller: “Oh, how long have you been married?”
Me: “He is 5 years old”
Seller: “He is 5..?”
My husband: “Yes, 5”

The seller and I eventually straightened it out…. We all laughed, he seemed tall for a 5 year old.

Another convo going into a market:
Man: “What are you going to buy at the market?”
Me: “I’m not buying anything. I am going to King my friend”

Unfortunately the word for King and meet are similar.

There’s some confusion here about the “Mother Tongue” of Americans:
Seller: “So, what is the name of your real language?”
Me looking mildly confused: “…English”
Seller: “Ha Ha. No. What do you actually speak at your home in America?”
Me: “English”
Seller: “You’re a liar!”
Me: “No! We really speak English at home in America.”
Seller: “No. You’re a liar.”

FYI: She was at least calling me a liar in a good hearted way, but there was no convincing her that the language she uses only for business was the language I would actually be most comfortable with.

Me double checking that I was pointed at the usable toilet:
Me: “This is the kitchen?”
Lady: “That is the toilet”

Kitchen and toilet are a little similar in Acholi language. Or similar enough. 🙂

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