1st world diet in Africa- Going Paleo

So, I’m attempting to eat a more paleo diet. I made this decision after spending the last year eating as the locals do, for the most part, and gaining 20lbs in the process. A friend of mine from the gym back in the US commented that he figures Africans probably eat closer to a paleo diet than us Americans. Every time I see a local menu I am reminded that he couldn’t have been more wrong. 🙂

The local favorites are beans, rice, boiled cornstarch and anything mixed with peanut sauce. They snack on peanuts, fried breads or mildly sweet packaged cookies and most things are usually fried in a large portion of vegetable oil (typically Palm kernel and sunflower oil). Now, to be honest, if I were an Acholi I wouldn’t care about my diet. These people are FIT, the women have arms that would make Michelle Obama jealous and all the men look like athletes. Most lead an insanely active lives that require a high carbohydrate diet. Unfortunately for them, as soon as they get a desk job they start looking pudgysquishysoft like the rest of us.

Locally called "Tula" this is a small slightly bitter vegetable.

Locally called “Tula” this is a small slightly bitter vegetable.

As for me, all the exercising and walking I do just isn’t going to require all those carbs. I guess I could turn off our water and walk to the well to fetch it and cut our grass with a machete…but I really just don’t want to. For those that don’t know, the paleo diet cuts out legumes including peanuts, refined anything, grains, sugar, potatoes, excess salt and dairy. So basically think of everything my Acholi friends eat on a regular basis and cut it out….. This is gonna be fun. So, in the near future you will be seeing some posts about my attempts to eat a 1st world diet in a developing country. Get excited!


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