Gymless Gym Rat: Workout 4

In an effort togetback on track with posting workouts I am being honest with myself and realize that making videos for all of them just won’t work (especially with the stuff they call internet here). So, I am hoping to post some workouts just written out or YouTube videos that I like, etc.

Today the internet was behaving itself and I did this YouTube workout. Definitely good stuff, I liked this guy…even though his name is Funk which made me suspicious. (Sorry Funk, but it’s true)


The hardest part: Doing high pulls right after snatches

My proud moment: Finishing all 3 rounds!

Trainers notes: If you don’t have a sandbag don’t worry. The same exercises can be done with dumb bells or a kettle bell. The whole workout including a 8 min warm up and stretch took about an hour.

Watch the workout Video!

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