Gymless Gym Rat: Workout 8 the Fitness Test

Happy Boxing Day everybody!

In honor of Boxing Day Roger and I put on the gloves and kickboxed (which we haven’t done in a long time). It was super fun and my arms are now jelly. But since I can’t really give you guys a this type of kickboxing workout, I’m sharing you the fitness test we did a couple of days ago. I usually repeat this test once a month to see how I’m improving.

Fitness test
50 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest for each exercise
1. Jump squats
2. Push ups -whatever level you can do, knees or feet
3. Burpees – put your whole body on the floor! Not a push up
4. High knees
5. Bent over rows
6. Switch jump lunges/scissor lunge jumps
7. Tuck jumps
8. Tricep dips off a chair
9. Sit ups with feet on chair

Trainers notes: For the high knees and switch jump lunges count each side as 1 rep, instead of doing right and left sides as 1 rep. For the burpees get down and up however you can, if you have to walk through it then do it.

My score: My total score was 353 reps with a 30lb weight for the rows, including 11 burpees!

If you do the fit test, share your score! Enjoy!


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