Gymless Gym Rat : Workout 9

After a year of living in Uganda the word finally got out that I am (or was in my life in the US) a personal trainer. And then once I explained to everyone what a personal trainer was… Haha, they asked me to start training them. So starting at the beginning of February I had my first ever mostly Ugandan fitness class! Super fun for me since I love teaching fitness and it’s a fun way to connect with my Ugandan friends in a new way. So anyways, I made them all hate me with this workout…. But it’s ok, they forgave me when the soreness went away. 😉

Be sure you do a warm up first! Then get into the workout.

The Workout:
Tabata rounds: Do each exercise 8 rounds before going on to the next one. 1 round is 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest that will give you a total of 4 minutes per exercise.
Take a full 1 minute break between going to a new exercise.

  1. Dive Bomber Push Ups
  2. Plié Squat Jumps
  3. Stagger Push Ups (push up with one hand like a tricep push up and one hand in regular push up position, then alternate)
  4. Lunge Kicks Right Leg
  5. Lunge Kicks Left Leg
  6. Donkey Kick Half Burpees (pictured below)
  7. Plank Jacks (in elbow plank, jump feet wide then back in)

Jump Up


Put both hands on the floor


Kick both hands over your head, then come down and stand back up

Enjoy! And let me know how it goes!


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