My new toy!

All personal trainers love toys. Even the most hard core, down to the basics trainers would have a hard time turning down a new tire to flip or a medicine ball.

Well I love my toys too, but I live in Africa. So as they say necessity is the mother of invention, or in my case, is the mother of DIY projects.

So, my hubby and I put our heads together and made an equalizer! It was a wonderful Christmas present! When I say made I actually mean that I took the design off the internet, put in my desired dimensions and took it to the metal works guys.

My new African made equalizer!

My new African made equalizer!

It turned out pretty good! The black wrapping is actually ripped up tire strips (the bungee cord of Uganda). And the color choice was made by our metal guy as a Christmas present for my husband! (All colors here are fair game and completely non-gender specific) The metal works guy didn’t think I should use it cause I could get hurt… Haha *eye roll*. Don’t worry, not all men here think like that.

I just did this workout from on it and it was awesome!


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