Paleo Sweet-n-Spicy BBQ Sauce

True to my Texas roots I finally got fed up with the BBQ sauce that you can buy in Uganda. I’m from the home of artisan BBQ sauces and I just couldn’t stand buying another container of the overly sweet syrup they’re trying to pass off as BBQ sauce. I know, for some, you just use a spoonful here and there so so what if it’s not the best, but my hubby is a BBQ sauce fiend! So it was really better for us and our wallet if I went ahead and made a homemade batch. I desperately wanted to have Rudy’s BBQ sauce back in my life, so after some experimenting I’ve reached this recipe. I wouldn’t call it a copy-cat but it’s still good sauce.20140703-115817-43097406.jpg


Sweet n Spicy Paleo BBQ Sauce
Makes 8-10 cups

– 680g/3c tomato paste
– 481g/2c water
– 170g/6oz/0.5c honey
– 1 1/2c date syrup (we find it at our local indian market)
– 2/3c Apple cider vinegar
– 3/4c lemon juice
– 7 Tbsp white vinegar
– 6 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce (or 3 Tbsp soy sauce/coconut aminos & 3 Tbsp water)
– 2 garlic cloves roughly chopped
– 1 medium onion roughly chopped
– 1 1/2 tsp salt
– 1 tsp mustard powder
– 3 tsp black pepper
– 3 tsp garlic powder
– 3/4 tsp cumin
– 1/2 tsp cayenne
– additional fresh cracked black pepper to taste

  1. Combine all ingredients into a pot and blend with immersion blender until smooth. Alternatively, put ingredients into a blender and puree till smooth (if your blender is too small just be sure to blend some of the liquids and the onion and garlic, the rest can be stirred into the pot).
  2. Simmer uncovered for 20 minutes until flavors are combined and sauce is slightly reduced.
  3. Serve or pour into jars and freeze or refrigerate.



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