Preparing for the shock

Preparations for returning to the States for the next 6 months are underway. I love that we live in a world where I can find an apartment, sign a contract for it, make payments, and change over utility bills all without making a single phone call. As part of my preparations I am starting to mentally prep for living in the States again. I hear that reverse culture shock is real and though I know I can’t avoid it, I can at least start thinking through the differences in my life here verses the states. As I was going through my mental list I realized that there is a lot of stuff that I consider normal that just isn’t normal in my home country. So, I thought I would share my list.

In the states:

  • People won’t talk to my baby while he’s breastfeeding. Here they go as far as pinching his cheeks while he’s trying to eat.
  • People might want me to cover up while breastfeeding. Breasts are so not a sexual thing here, so no one really cares if you cover up or they tell you not to cover up because the baby is hot.
  • People won’t tell me I’ve gained weight, gotten fat, or added kilos…. WOO HOO!
  • I can drink out of the tap. I currently have gut reactions when I see people getting a glass of water from the tap in movies.
  • Fruit and veg will be available all seasons. Very very weird!
  • What’s on the menu will be on the menu. I have become so used to choosing 4 different things from the menu then going down the list with the wait staff till we find something they have in the kitchen.
  • There will be more than 3 restaurants to choose from.
  • I have to stop at stop signs and the stop signs will be at intersections instead of non-existent or 20 yards before an intersection
  • They’re called crosswalks, not zebra crossings
  • I won’t have to have a “guy” to get something done.
  • I won’t have to provide tools in order for the plumber, carpenter or yard guy to do his job.
  • The grocery store will have a wide selection, will restock if they run out of something and will not be selling expired items
  • It isn’t common to get a monthly stomach virus, parasite or bug
  • Stores will be different from one to the next and will not carry the same 10 things.
  • I can eat fresh, uncooked foods without fear
  • Food might have taken longer than a day to get  to my plate
  • Avocados and mushrooms will not be bigger than my head, but onions and tomatoes might actually be larger than my big toe
I'm gonna miss these giant mushrooms!

I’m gonna miss these giant mushrooms!


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