About Me

20170822_180459_001.jpgHi! I’m Colleen Lee. Texas girl born and raised, I used to ride horses, wear cowboy boots and go to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo every year of my life. I’ve been a personal trainer and group fitness instructor since 2003 and loved every minute of getting paid to workout and wear sweats all day. We had a quiet little life in Austin until 2012 when my husband, Roger, and I uprooted ourselves and moved to Northern Uganda. We have made Uganda our home and our son was born in our home in Uganda in January of 2015.

Now I have a lot of DIY projects for stuff I can’t buy here, I make food from scratch because I have to, I wear flip flops and tank tops all the time and live in a country without air conditioning. But I love it. I get to share lives with some amazing people and help people have a relationship with Jesus…. Which is awesome. Basically all of it goes in this blog, DIY, Ugandan life, my life, mom life, recipes, workouts, really anything and everything.


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