Why Uganda

Kelli Kurachi Photography

We have lived among the Acholi people in Northern Uganda since 2012. We invested our time in learning the language, the culture and forming relationships with them. In that time, we started several bible studies, in which they read from the bible and practiced applying it to their daily lives. It has been an honor to invest in the lives of Acholi believers and see our new friends dedicate their lives to God. Our son and newest team member, Holden, was born in Northern Uganda in January of 2015. He is a blessing to us, and is greatly loved by our community of believers there.

About Uganda

Kelli Kurachi PhotographyFor over twenty years the people of Northern Uganda were engaged in one war after another. The rise of a dictator in the 60’s and 70’s was followed by a regime change in the 80’s and oppression by a brutal rebel group in the North. The Acholi people of Northern Uganda have been exploited by previous leaders, and crushed by rebel groups for multiple generations.

Whole generations have been abused, injured, manipulated and militarized without the hope for peace and only empty religion and witchcraft to cling to. We feel called to share the Gospel of Jesus with these broken people; to see their lives healed and restored through a relationship with a loving God.

Our Vision
Kkurachi_1502_Uganda-36.jpgOur vision is to start a discipleship movement among the Acholi people group that will ignite discipleship into other less reached nations.
We have spent time acculturating and acquiring language in order to better know the Acholi people and share the gospel in their own language. Our work is focused on training people how to seek Jesus in their daily lives, grow in their relationship with Him and share how to have this relationship with others. We have been blessed to see the men and women we have invested in walk out biblical principles in their daily lives as an outpouring of their relationship with God. They have been empowered to start healing ministries in hospitals, mercy ministries among street children, prostitutes and prisoners and share the gospel in their neighborhoods and remote villages.

Our Sending Agency
Hope for the Nations (HFN) is the agency that our church, Hope in the City, started in 2000. They have been caring for workers around the world, and have sent us as Team Leaders to Uganda.


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